Phonograph Repair

I repair and restore most antique phonographs including Victor, Columbia, Edison, Pathé, Brunswick, and many more. If you are interested in having your machine serviced, please contact me

Reproducer Rebuilding

Reproducer rebuilding includes disassembly and cleaning/polishing of the body, new mica diaphragm, new gaskets, new rubber isolator, and new balance springs, if applicable. All reproducers are tuned and adjusted to achieve a perfectly balanced sound. The price for rebuilding most Victor, Columbia, and Edison reproducers is $50 plus shipping. For other models, please inquire for pricing.

Spring Motor Rebuilding/Repair

Motor rebuilding includes cleaning and re-greasing of all parts (including mainsprings), as well as adjusting the gears and governor so the motor will run as it did 100 years ago. Any worn/broken parts can be replaced depending on availability. Please inquire for pricing.

In-Home Maintenance & Repair

I provide in-home maintenance & repair for antique phonographs located in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. The charge for this service is $80 which includes lubrication, adjustment, & minor repairs. Additional parts & labor will be quoted as necessary.