For Sale

Here you will find items that are currently for sale. If you are interested in purchasing something, please contact me

Victor Victrola 1-2 (Aladdin)

Price: SOLD
Description: An early Victor Victrola 1-2, also known as the Aladdin. This model was intended for use by children, and is finished in white enamel with storybook characters painted all around the cabinet.The decals are mostly intact and the colors are vibrant. As with all of these, there is some paint loss but not nearly as much as most. We have oiled the motor, installed new turntable felt (it was missing) and rebuilt the Exhibition reproducer. Everything else has been left as found. It plays like a champ and is surprisingly LOUD for its size!

Edison Amberola V

Price: SOLD
Description: A beautiful Mahogany Edison Amberola V from 1913. This is considered the best sounding of the Amberola line, and is gear driven like the renowned Opera Phonograph. This machine has been fully serviced and runs flawlessly. The Diamond B reproducer has a good diamond and has been freshly rebuilt. Enjoy your Blue Amberol records with a full, stable tone not easily achieved on a belt driven phonograph.

Everplay Permanent Phonograph Needle (NOS)

Price: SOLD
Description: Everplay Permanent Phonograph Needle, good for 27,000 plays according to the advertisements. When the point wears down, you simply turn the small star wheel to turn out more point. The tungsten wire is similar to what was used to make the Victor Tungs-Tone styli. Great for early jukeboxes and automatic changers. The packets are not sealed as the original glue has long since departed, but all of the needles are new in the packet and have never been used. Each needle is contained within a small metal cup attached to the card inside of the envelope.

Columbia Grafonola Regent Library Table

Price: SOLD
Description: The Columbia Grafonola "Regent" - a library table / desk with a phonograph hidden inside! One end of the desk has a drawer with the turntable and the other end has adjustable louvers to control the volume of the music. The top of the desk is made of beautiful ribbon mahogany. The legs have large claw feet. Both sides of the desk contain 5 small drawers to hold records, all of which still contain the original paper dividers which will hold about 200 78rpm records total.

Edison Standard Model D with Morning Glory Horn

Price: SOLD
Description: This is a very nice Edison Standard Model D cylinder phonograph. The motor has been completely rebuilt, and the case has been refinished and a new decal applied. The bedplate is original and in good condition. This phonograph is in excellent working order and comes with an Edison Standard morning glory horn with reproduction horn crane. Reproducer is not included.